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    HIRE A MOUNTAIN GUIDE! Whatever your climbing or skiing objective may be, whether you are a novice, or accomplished, hiring a CERTIFIED GUIDE provides a life-long benefit, proving highly beneficial for every climber/skier in areas of safety, developing good mountain sense, technique, training methods, camaraderie, and partnership. The Mountain Guide Bureau makes locating a guide to hire easy with this wordwide directory of certified mountain guides, mountain guiding companies, and Heli-Ski and Snow Cat operators. This site is made possible by sole financial and operational support from Bradley Alpinist, purveyors of some of the finest equipment offerings for big peak endeavors.

    Climber at HIGH altitude


    Every Climber Should hire a Certified Mountain Guide or

    Mountain Guiding Company! 

    From Denali to Everest, from South America to Asia, from New Zealand to Thailand, from your local crag to the Ice Park in Ouray, Colorado, this directory will help you locate a guide to hire for your first, or perhaps your next dream climb or Ski.   Whether you are looking for climbing instruction, a guide to coach you while on-route to improve your current climbing technique and safety skills, to join an organized expedition, to experience a different genre of climbing, or if you are just looking to partner with an experienced climber/comrade/guide to work together on a classic mountain climb, you will find your certified mountain guide or guide agency listed here with the Mountain Guide Bureau.   Whether you climb or ski 200 days a year, or three days a year,  every climber should occasionally invest in the experiential and academic resources offered by the professional mountain guiding community.   Your current technique, knowledge of technical systems, safety precautions, and mountain sense can always benefit from interaction with a mountain guide, and should be  a frequent ingredient in your climbing endeavors, for as long as you participate in climbing. 


    With our site, it is easy to search and locate a guide or guiding company by name, type of climbing, base location, field of discipline, or a particular climbing destination, world-wide.   Your search will identify and produce a narrowed choice of guides for which you can then inquire, with each guide or company directly, via a direct link to their website, email, or by phone,  so that you may begin to evaluate which provider of mountain guiding will be the best fit for your objectives.    THREE WAYS TO SEARCH:  If you know the name of a guide or company and wish to review their profile and contact information, use the WHITE BOX search at the top right, by typing in the name you are looking for.   If you don't know the name, but can recognize a guide's or companies name when you see it, use the alphabetical GUIDE DIRECTORY found in the menu.   If you wish to search for all guides and companies that match your choices of available critiera, access the FIND A GUIDE function the the menu.


    The Mountain Guide Bureau's directory is a complementary, unpaid service for all individual guides certified by a UIAGM/IFMGA member organization, or licensed mountain guiding companies that generate at least 80% of its guiding revenues from roped climbing or off-piste skiing (including mechanical access).  The information found on this site is incomplete in nature, and is the direct result of the use of public information pubished by UIAGM/IFMGA member orgnaizations and other public informational domains.  In many cases, individual guides and guiding companies have contacted us directly to offer additional and updated information concerning their name/ or absence of their name on this site.  The site is limited in the presentation of all available public information about certified guides and guiding companies,  due to the ability to input all available information, and is a continual work in progress.  PLEASE NOTE:  The best venue for up to date information about individual certified guides is provided by their country's member organization.  A complete list as well as links to these organizations is found on the "Links" page on this site.  We recommend you contact these organizations as to the most up to date information concerning their guides, and their certification/licensing process. This site should only be used as an initial reference point and informational tool, in the user's own research, and users should know that some information may be incomplete, or inaccurate.

    The primary purpose of this site is to provide  a complementary service for potential guiding customers (users of this site) who wish to locate a guide to hire.  The Mountain Guide Bureau is not a broker of mountain guiding services, a placement service, nor do we recommend one mountain guiding provider over another.   Results from guide searches on this site are generated based on a specific match to your choices of criteria, and are then listed in alphabetical order.   It is up to the user to then inquire with each individual provider of guiding services, and make a decision to hire your guide based on your own informed evaluation, and personal preferences. 


    NOTE: BEFORE YOU BEGIN USING THIS SITE, first review and understand the WARNINGS and DISCLAIMER information, found via a link at the bottom this and each page on this site.  In using this site, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the information in the warnings and disclaimer information. 

    BRADLEY ALPINIST sponsors the Mountain Guide Bureau

    This site is made possibly thru financial and operational support from BRADLEY ALPINIST LLC., a retail supplier of proper equipment for high altitude climbingBRADLEY ALPINIST has endeavored to be an advocate of the professional mountain guiding community, and its member organizations associated with the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations (IFMGA/UIAGM).  Bradley Alpinist also supports the guiding industry by advocating the importance of all climbers, new or experienced, to seek ongoing safety and technique training from certifed mountain guides or guiding companies.  Together, BRADLEY ALPINIST and the Mountain Guide Bureau is a supporting sponsor of the Certified Guides Cooperative, a strategic organization working on access, insurance, and international guide reciprocation topics, along side the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA).  Bradley Alpinist is also proud to be a Patron Sponsor of the AMGA.  Additionally, in support of mountain guiding, BRADLEY ALPINIST extends discounts on climbing gear to any individual (client) in the US or Canada, that hires a certified guide or guiding company, as well as any certified guide with a current membership status with the AMGA or ACMG.  Go to BRADLEY ALPINIST to find out more details on how you can receive a 20% discount on equipment when you hire any Certified Guide or Mountain Guiding Service.  

    The Mountain Guide Bureau is currently seeking additional sponor/advocate partners from the Outdoor/Climbing industry, primarily in the textile category.

    AMGA -- American Mountain Guides Association Patron Partner Certified Guides Cooperative (CGC) Sponsor